Lucas, How did you already turn ONE?

Lucas is ONE! How did this happen so fast? I have been taking pictures of him since he was in his mama’s belly. This is another one of my favorite families. I think I just get attached to them being able to photograph memories, milestones and moments in their life and being in those moments.
Courtney and Ben, I hope to be your family photographer for your future moments. Love you guys! Now, take in all of this cuteness.

Brickler girls_0492.jpg

Brickler girls_0493.jpg

Brickler girls_0494.jpg

Brickler girls_0495.jpg

Brickler girls_0496.jpg

Brickler girls_0497.jpg

Brickler girls_0498.jpg

Daddys love Brickler girls_0499.jpg

Brickler girls_0500.jpg

Brickler girls_0501.jpg

Brickler girls_0502.jpg

Brickler girls_0503.jpg

Brickler girls_0504.jpg

Brickler girls_0505.jpg
Brickler girls_0507.jpg

Brickler girls_0508.jpg

Brickler girls_0509.jpg

Brickler girls_0506.jpg

Happy Birthday Lucas! I have another little time lapse collage coming soon of this little man so stay tuned!

Baby Conner

This little man is such a cutie and has a special place in my heart because I just love his family! Carissa was a bride of mine last year and now she has a baby! She has had so many big events happen in her life the last 18months and I am just amazed she is such a down to earth, laid back kind of girl. So amazed I will have to share her last 18 months in a blog soon. Till then, enjoy baby C!

Well Hello world!
Brickler girls_0362.jpg

Brickler girls_0363.jpg

Brickler girls_0364.jpg

Brickler girls_0365.jpg

Brickler girls_0366.jpg

Brickler girls_0367.jpg

Brickler girls_0368.jpg

Brickler girls_0369.jpg

Brickler girls_0370.jpg

Love tiny baby parts!
Brickler girls_0371.jpg

Brickler girls_0372.jpg

Baby rolls and Big Sisters

It was a little challenging on our photo shoot with the police patrol at the park keeping an eye out for commercial photography. I was just hanging out with my “sister” Melissa and taking some pictures of her family with my new camera….free of course WINK WINK:)
Brickler girls_0348.jpg

Brickler girls_0349.jpg

Yep! Shes got it!
Brickler girls_0350.jpg
Brickler girls_0352.jpg

Brickler girls_0353.jpg

3 more fabulous families

Here are a few more fabulous families from this fall.

20131110-Genny-4020131110-Genny-4920131110-Genny-5420131110-Genny-5720131110-Genny-6320131110-Genny-8120131110-Genny-9920131110-Genny-10420131110-Genny-14820131110-Genny-16020131110-untitled-320131117-Cheryl L-920131117-Cheryl L-2120131117-Cheryl L-2420131117-Cheryl L-10520131117-Cheryl L-13420131117-Cheryl L-18020131117-Cheryl L-19820131117-Cheryl L-23420131117-Cheryl L-24020131201-Finley round 2-1920131201-Finley round 2-2520131201-Finley round 2-8420131201-Finley round 2-10220131201-Finley round 2-10920131201-Finley round 2-116

I have really enjoyed meeting new families and capturing their kiddos personalities.  Thank you all again for choosing me as your photographer!  Still more to come.