I met this young beauty when I became an assistant coach to the Lutheran South Lancerettes. Alisse, I wish you all the best as you reach for your stars.

Ursline’s Senior ~ Katie 2018

This girl is the sweetest inside and out! Katie was pampered by Carissa Laster ~ Make up extraordinaire and we headed to MO botanical gardens for a late afternoon session. Katie is off to Missouri State and I wish her all of the best!2018-05-15_0001.jpg

Congratulations Katie! You definitely have a way with the camera.  And you said you weren’t photogenic!!!!

Carlos and Regan’s Wedding day!

It was a “Piney Wedding” and it was perfect! We couldn’t have asked for a better day filled with beautiful fall weather, family and friends.Brickler girls_2367.jpg
Brickler girls_2368.jpg
Brickler girls_2369.jpg
Brickler girls_2370.jpg
Brickler girls_2371.jpg
Brickler girls_2372.jpg
Brickler girls_2373.jpg
Brickler girls_2374.jpg
Brickler girls_2375.jpg

Brickler girls_2386.jpg
Brickler girls_2383.jpg
Brickler girls_2384.jpg

Brickler girls_2387.jpg
Brickler girls_2393.jpg
Brickler girls_2389.jpg
Brickler girls_2390.jpg
Brickler girls_2391.jpg
Brickler girls_2392.jpg
Brickler girls_2394.jpg
Brickler girls_2395.jpg
Brickler girls_2396.jpg
Brickler girls_2397.jpg
Brickler girls_2398.jpg
Brickler girls_2400.jpg
Brickler girls_2402.jpg
Brickler girls_2405.jpg
Brickler girls_2407.jpg
Brickler girls_2408.jpg
Brickler girls_2410.jpg
Brickler girls_2411.jpg
Brickler girls_2415.jpg
Brickler girls_2416.jpg
Brickler girls_2423.jpg
Brickler girls_2424.jpg
Brickler girls_2426.jpg
Brickler girls_2430.jpg
Brickler girls_2431.jpg
Brickler girls_2432.jpg
Brickler girls_2433.jpg
Brickler girls_2434.jpg
Brickler girls_2435.jpg
Brickler girls_2436.jpg
Brickler girls_2439.jpg
Brickler girls_2438.jpg
Brickler girls_2441.jpg

Congratulations Carlos and Regan!  It was an honor to be apart of your day and be so welcomed by both families!  Blessings on your marriage

Adam & Taylor’s Wedding Day!

What gorgeous weather Adam and Taylor had on their wedding day! Everything was perfect and their married life began where they first saw each other in high school, at Lutheran South, on the track. It was such an honor to photograph their day. I had to pinch myself becuase I felt like I just took her high school senior pictures last year! Congratulations to Mr and Mrs Behnke!Brickler girls_2254.jpg

Brickler girls_2255.jpg

Brickler girls_2257.jpg

Brickler girls_2258.jpg

Brickler girls_2259.jpg

Brickler girls_2260.jpg

Brickler girls_2261.jpg

Brickler girls_2262.jpg

Brickler girls_2263.jpg

Brickler girls_2264.jpg

Brickler girls_2265.jpg

Brickler girls_2266.jpg

Brickler girls_2267.jpg

Brickler girls_2268.jpg

Brickler girls_2269.jpg

Brickler girls_2270.jpg

Brickler girls_2271.jpg

Brickler girls_2272.jpg

Brickler girls_2273.jpg

Brickler girls_2274.jpg

Brickler girls_2275.jpg

Brickler girls_2276.jpg

Brickler girls_2277.jpg

Brickler girls_2278.jpg

Brickler girls_2279.jpg

Brickler girls_2280.jpg

Brickler girls_2281.jpg

Brickler girls_2282.jpg

Brickler girls_2283.jpg

Brickler girls_2284.jpg

Brickler girls_2285.jpg

Brickler girls_2286.jpg

Brickler girls_2287.jpg

Brickler girls_2288.jpg

Brickler girls_2289.jpg

Brickler girls_2290.jpg

Brickler girls_2291.jpg

Brickler girls_2292.jpg

Brickler girls_2293.jpg

Brickler girls_2294.jpg

Brickler girls_2295.jpg

Brickler girls_2296.jpg

Brickler girls_2297.jpg

Brickler girls_2298.jpg

Brickler girls_2299.jpg

Brickler girls_2300.jpg

Brickler girls_2301.jpg

Brickler girls_2302.jpg

Brickler girls_2303.jpg

Brickler girls_2304.jpg

Brickler girls_2305.jpg

Brickler girls_2306.jpg

Brickler girls_2307.jpg

Brickler girls_2308.jpg

Brickler girls_2309.jpg

Brickler girls_2310.jpg

Brickler girls_2311.jpg

Brickler girls_2312.jpg

Brickler girls_2313.jpg

Brickler girls_2314.jpg

Brickler girls_2315.jpg

Brickler girls_2316.jpg

Brickler girls_2317.jpg

Brickler girls_2318.jpg

Brickler girls_2319.jpg

Brickler girls_2320.jpg

Brickler girls_2321.jpg

Brickler girls_2322.jpg

Brickler girls_2323.jpg
Brickler girls_2324.jpg

Brickler girls_2325.jpg

Brickler girls_2326.jpg

Brickler girls_2327.jpg

Brickler girls_2328.jpg

Brickler girls_2329.jpg

Brickler girls_2330.jpg

Brickler girls_2331.jpg

Brickler girls_2332.jpg

Brickler girls_2333.jpg

Brickler girls_2334.jpg

Brickler girls_2335.jpg

Brickler girls_2336.jpg

Brickler girls_2337.jpg

Brickler girls_2338.jpg

Brickler girls_2339.jpg

Brickler girls_2340.jpg

Brickler girls_2341.jpg

Brickler girls_2342.jpg

Brickler girls_2343.jpg

Brickler girls_2344.jpg

Brickler girls_2345.jpg

Brickler girls_2346.jpg

Brickler girls_2347.jpg

Brickler girls_2348.jpg

Brickler girls_2349.jpg

Brickler girls_2352.jpg

Brickler girls_2353.jpg

Brickler girls_2354.jpg

Brickler girls_2355.jpg

Brickler girls_2356.jpg
Brickler girls_2357.jpg

Brickler girls_2358.jpg

Brickler girls_2359.jpg

Brickler girls_2360.jpg

Brickler girls_2361.jpg

Brickler girls_2362.jpg

Brickler girls_2363.jpg

Brickler girls_2364.jpg

Brickler girls_2365.jpg

Brickler girls_2366.jpg

Brickler girls_2351.jpg
What an amazing day!  Thank you Kirchwehm and Behnke family for having me be apart of your day. Love to you all.


Wedding location: Lutheran High School South
Reception: Lumen
Second Shooter : Lisa Scherer

Beautiful colors for a beautiful LHSS Senior

Meghan’s Senior Session!!

This crazy weather has been a roller coaster lately but we were able to capture the beautiful fall colors with this beautiful young lady.  Meghan, you are beautiful inside and out and I wish you all the best and God’s blessings to you. Have a great Senior year!
Brickler girls_2238.jpg
Brickler girls_2239.jpg
Brickler girls_2240.jpg
Brickler girls_2242.jpg
Brickler girls_2243.jpg
Brickler girls_2244.jpg
Brickler girls_2245.jpg
Brickler girls_2246.jpg
Brickler girls_2247.jpg
Brickler girls_2249.jpg
Brickler girls_2248.jpg