Beautiful colors for a beautiful LHSS Senior

Meghan’s Senior Session!!

This crazy weather has been a roller coaster lately but we were able to capture the beautiful fall colors with this beautiful young lady.  Meghan, you are beautiful inside and out and I wish you all the best and God’s blessings to you. Have a great Senior year!
Brickler girls_2238.jpg
Brickler girls_2239.jpg
Brickler girls_2240.jpg
Brickler girls_2242.jpg
Brickler girls_2243.jpg
Brickler girls_2244.jpg
Brickler girls_2245.jpg
Brickler girls_2246.jpg
Brickler girls_2247.jpg
Brickler girls_2249.jpg
Brickler girls_2248.jpg

Where does the time go?

I have know this beauty since she was born. I can still remember that bright red hair and those swishable cheeks…fell in love! Her mama and I have been the best of friends since high school. I remeber we used to talk about “when we have kids were are going to do this together”; and we did! Many many blessings to this sweet,smart, beautiful girl as she begins her next chapter. You will do great things Miss Claudia!Brickler girls_2187.jpg

Brickler girls_2188.jpg

Brickler girls_2189.jpg

Brickler girls_2190.jpg

Brickler girls_2191.jpg

Brickler girls_2192.jpg

Brickler girls_2193.jpg

Brickler girls_2194.jpg

Brickler girls_2195.jpg

Brickler girls_2196.jpg

make up ~ Carissa Laster(she is the best!)

Sweet Baby Rylie

I was so excited to meet this sweet girl! Baby Rylie is surrounded with so much love and protection, especially by big brother Gus. Welcome to the world!
Brickler girls_2171.jpg

Brickler girls_2172.jpg

Brickler girls_2173.jpg

Brickler girls_2174.jpg

Brickler girls_2175.jpg

Brickler girls_2176.jpg

Brickler girls_2177.jpg

Brickler girls_2178.jpg

Brickler girls_2179.jpg

Brickler girls_2180.jpg


Poor Gus…He wanted to help assist me so badly:)

Brickler girls_2181.jpg
Brickler girls_2182.jpg

Brickler girls_2183.jpg

Brickler girls_2184.jpg

Brickler girls_2185.jpg