2015 Year In Review

These honestly are only a handful of my many favorites from throughout 2015. Thank you to everyone who worked with me this year to create some wonderful memories. It was my honor and I enjoyed every minute of it, except for the elbow tendonitis I have from my cameras! Enjoy my year in reivew and thank you , thank you , and thank you!

Brickler girls_1334.jpg

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Brittany and Keating

Brittany and Keating first met when she almost hit him with her car! Yes, thats right, she was driving into a parking lot for a meeting and almost collided with Keating. He went ahead and went into his meeting and guess who walked in? Brittany! He said he thought to himself that either she will love him or hate him and he asked her out and here we are.
Brickler girls_0934.jpg

We started out engagement session at Bailey’s Chocoalte Bar in Lafayette Square. This place is special to them because they come here every valentines day. So it was very fitting to start our session at one of the places they celebrate love. Brickler girls_0930.jpg

Brickler girls_0931.jpg

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Brickler girls_0938.jpg

Brickler girls_0939.jpg

After that we headed over to the park for some relaxed and fun pictures! I just loved our session and you can just tell these two are so in love and have so much FUN! Brickler girls_0940.jpg

Brickler girls_0941.jpg

Brickler girls_0942.jpg

Brickler girls_0943.jpg

Brickler girls_0944.jpg

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Brickler girls_0959.jpg

Brickler girls_0960.jpg

Brickler girls_0961.jpg

Brickler girls_0962.jpg

Brickler girls_0963.jpg

I cant wait until August to share another part of their love story! Until then.. Brickler girls_0964.jpg


I have known this young lady since she was in her mama’s belly. Watching her grow into such a smart, talented and beautiful young lady has been wonderful (way to go mom and dad!). She and her parents have a special place in my heart and it was an honor to take her Senior Photographs. Enjoy! I LOVE these! Brickler girls_0662.jpg

Brickler girls_0663.jpg

Brickler girls_0664.jpg

Brickler girls_0665.jpg

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Brickler girls_0685.jpg

2013 Fall Families

I wanted to share the many families I had the honor of photographing this past fall.  I didn’t share on facebook or my blog because I didn’t want to ruin Christmas cards or gifts.  So here are some of my awesome families!

20131110-Allens in the fall-620131110-Allens in the fall-1220131110-Allens in the fall-2620131110-Allens in the fall-4720131110-Allens in the fall-6520131110-Allens in the fall-7320131110-Allens in the fall-7420131110-Allens in the fall-9220131110-Allens in the fall-9820131110-Allens in the fall-11120131110-Allens in the fall-134

Stay tuned for more….