Christmas Tree Farm Sessions ~ 2019

I have been wanting to do a tree farm session for a couple of years and this year I finally got my act together. This was my first of two days at the farm and I just loved being with these families. I am including a couple of out takes because its real life, hysterical and we all need to laugh! Enjoy!

I believe they said, “eww the tree touched us”!
you can all stop being so gorgeous at any time!

Summer time with Conner and Carsyn

Lets just face it….these two kiddos are GORGEOUS and so are their parents! They seriously belong in print. Carsyn didn’t seem to remember me from our newborn session 🙂 so she was a little leary of me; but Conner and I go way back;). Enjoy the gorgeousness you are about to view.Brickler girls_1910.jpg

Brickler girls_1911.jpg

Brickler girls_1912.jpg

Brickler girls_1913.jpg

Brickler girls_1914.jpg

Brickler girls_1915.jpg
This is my favorite age for boys because they are so hysterical for the camera!
Brickler girls_1916.jpg

Brickler girls_1917.jpg

Brickler girls_1918.jpg

Brickler girls_1919.jpg

Brickler girls_1920.jpg

Brickler girls_1921.jpg

Brickler girls_1922.jpg

Brickler girls_1923.jpg
baby rolls never get old!
Brickler girls_1924.jpg

Brickler girls_1925.jpg

Brickler girls_1926.jpg

Brickler girls_1927.jpg

Conner is quite the super hero and he was willing to show me his best super hero jump.
Always love this family in front of my camera. I have been photographing them since their engagement and I hope it never stops.