Baby Chandler

This sweet baby boy couldn’t be any cuter! Just check out the amount of hair on this little dude. Tootsie, the four legged fur baby, wasn’t too happy to not be apart of our session. Welcome baby Chandler into this world and the CCLS Family!Brickler girls_2149.jpg
Brickler girls_2150.jpg
Brickler girls_2151.jpg
Brickler girls_2152.jpg
Brickler girls_2153.jpg
Brickler girls_2154.jpg
Brickler girls_2155.jpg
Brickler girls_2156.jpg

Sweet Baby Rylie

I was so excited to meet this sweet girl! Baby Rylie is surrounded with so much love and protection, especially by big brother Gus. Welcome to the world!
Brickler girls_2171.jpg

Brickler girls_2172.jpg

Brickler girls_2173.jpg

Brickler girls_2174.jpg

Brickler girls_2175.jpg

Brickler girls_2176.jpg

Brickler girls_2177.jpg

Brickler girls_2178.jpg

Brickler girls_2179.jpg

Brickler girls_2180.jpg


Poor Gus…He wanted to help assist me so badly:)

Brickler girls_2181.jpg
Brickler girls_2182.jpg

Brickler girls_2183.jpg

Brickler girls_2184.jpg

Brickler girls_2185.jpg

One of my favorite Irish families!

I can’t believe these twin babies are 6months old already! Big sister Ruby was such a big help with her brother and sister. Ruby and I got to pick some wild flowers together and you can see them in her pictures below. Brickler girls_2053.jpg

Brickler girls_2054.jpg

Brickler girls_2055.jpg

Brickler girls_2056.jpg

Brickler girls_2057.jpg

Brickler girls_2058.jpg

Brickler girls_2059.jpg

Brickler girls_2060.jpg

Brickler girls_2061.jpg

Brickler girls_2062.jpg

Brickler girls_2063.jpg

Brickler girls_2064.jpg

Brickler girls_2065.jpg

Brickler girls_2066.jpg

Brickler girls_2067.jpg

Brickler girls_2068.jpg

Brickler girls_2069.jpg

Brickler girls_2070.jpg

Brickler girls_2071.jpg

Love to you all Fitzgerald family and see you soon!