3 more fabulous families

Here are a few more fabulous families from this fall.

20131110-Genny-4020131110-Genny-4920131110-Genny-5420131110-Genny-5720131110-Genny-6320131110-Genny-8120131110-Genny-9920131110-Genny-10420131110-Genny-14820131110-Genny-16020131110-untitled-320131117-Cheryl L-920131117-Cheryl L-2120131117-Cheryl L-2420131117-Cheryl L-10520131117-Cheryl L-13420131117-Cheryl L-18020131117-Cheryl L-19820131117-Cheryl L-23420131117-Cheryl L-24020131201-Finley round 2-1920131201-Finley round 2-2520131201-Finley round 2-8420131201-Finley round 2-10220131201-Finley round 2-10920131201-Finley round 2-116

I have really enjoyed meeting new families and capturing their kiddos personalities.  Thank you all again for choosing me as your photographer!  Still more to come.

3month old little Finley

Meet Miss Finley.  I photographed her as a newborn and it was time for her 3month old photosession.  We ended up doing the session a couple of times because she wasn’t having anything to do with me during the first one; but come to find out she was getting sick :(.  So when she was better I went back.  I was able to get a few smiles out of her by tickling her tootsies.  My favorite is the last image…her eyes sparkle like diamonds.