3 more fabulous families

Here are a few more fabulous families from this fall.

20131110-Genny-4020131110-Genny-4920131110-Genny-5420131110-Genny-5720131110-Genny-6320131110-Genny-8120131110-Genny-9920131110-Genny-10420131110-Genny-14820131110-Genny-16020131110-untitled-320131117-Cheryl L-920131117-Cheryl L-2120131117-Cheryl L-2420131117-Cheryl L-10520131117-Cheryl L-13420131117-Cheryl L-18020131117-Cheryl L-19820131117-Cheryl L-23420131117-Cheryl L-24020131201-Finley round 2-1920131201-Finley round 2-2520131201-Finley round 2-8420131201-Finley round 2-10220131201-Finley round 2-10920131201-Finley round 2-116

I have really enjoyed meeting new families and capturing their kiddos personalities.  Thank you all again for choosing me as your photographer!  Still more to come.

2013 Fall Families

I wanted to share the many families I had the honor of photographing this past fall.  I didn’t share on facebook or my blog because I didn’t want to ruin Christmas cards or gifts.  So here are some of my awesome families!

20131110-Allens in the fall-620131110-Allens in the fall-1220131110-Allens in the fall-2620131110-Allens in the fall-4720131110-Allens in the fall-6520131110-Allens in the fall-7320131110-Allens in the fall-7420131110-Allens in the fall-9220131110-Allens in the fall-9820131110-Allens in the fall-11120131110-Allens in the fall-134

Stay tuned for more….


Hannah has graduated and is getting ready to go into high school!  I know she may look like she is a SENIOR, but she is a beautiful freshman-to-be.  Good Luck Hannah…I know you will do great things. Stay true to yourself!:)

The “R” Family!

I was very excited to have a session with my friend and co-worker.  It finally appeared to be a decent spring day.  The rain stopped, the sun was out….but it was still chilly.  These kiddos did a great job NOT looking cold!  My favorite are the last three pictures of the twins.  They definitely have the “I am only doing this because mom really wants these pictures” vibe!  Great kids so..Good job MOM and Happy early Mother’s day!