July 21

July 21st will always remain a date in our hearts that many lives were forever changed and an amazing person was taken too soon. Ryan Hummert is forever our hero and guardian angel. Such a wonderful dedication to Ryan.


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Truett is ONE

This little man turned ONE and he had such a cute party. Happy Truett Day!Brickler girls_1448.jpg

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Happy 1st birthday sweet boy!

Swim Team and First Meet 2016

My girl may complain about getting up early for practice but she enjoys it once she is there. During the meets if you cheer her on she will start belly laughing during her race. Funniest thing ever! Here are some pictures of Emery and her two friends, Kate and Kennedy.

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I was so happy to be back photographing this family when they were blessed with 2 tiny extra feet. Meet Maddison! Our session was a while ago but I didn’t want to ruin any gift prints for the families. See you in August!
Brickler girls_1400.jpg
One little monkey got to jump on the bed….cool points for me:)
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2015 Year In Review

These honestly are only a handful of my many favorites from throughout 2015. Thank you to everyone who worked with me this year to create some wonderful memories. It was my honor and I enjoyed every minute of it, except for the elbow tendonitis I have from my cameras! Enjoy my year in reivew and thank you , thank you , and thank you!

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