Auggie and Maevis

Remember this picture?
Brickler girls_0482.jpg

Well, Auggie is much more excited to share his news with you. He has turned the big 2 and he has a new little sister, Maevis that he adores!
Brickler girls_0462.jpg
Brickler girls_0463.jpg

Brickler girls_0464.jpg

Brickler girls_0465.jpg

Brickler girls_0466.jpg

Brickler girls_0468.jpg

Brickler girls_0467.jpg

Brickler girls_0469.jpg

Here she is!
Brickler girls_0470.jpg
Brickler girls_0471.jpg

Brickler girls_0473.jpg

Brickler girls_0474.jpg

Brickler girls_0475.jpg

Brickler girls_0479.jpg

Brickler girls_0480.jpg

Brickler girls_0481.jpg

Auggie loves giving hugs and kisses to his sweet little sis
Brickler girls_0478.jpg
Brickler girls_0476.jpg

Brickler girls_0477.jpg