City girl to farm girl!

I have known this little gal for sometime! I won’t tell you how long because then you will know how old I am:).  She grew up a city girl and over the past couple of years has become quite the farm girl.  Shelly wanted to do some pictures out at Faust Park because she liked the idea of the barns because she lived on a farm.  Hold up, wait a minute…..we need to use your property!  So we did, and this was how we got around to different locations on the farm.  Every photographer gets to ride on a mule when going from location to location right?  Well, it was so FUN! I could have taken pictures all night ( I actually did)!  I had such a good time.  I even told her that I am going to come back out later this year just to take more pictures of whatever, because I couldn’t get enough of it all!

Thank you Shelly and Chad for having me come out and photograph your adorable family!  By the way, Chad was such a good host, that he had scoped out the places he wanted to capture the family in and they were all perfect.  Totally made my job a piece of cake!