We have another baby girl turning ONE!

Sweet little Miss Bea turned ONE so we had to celebrate with her family and Fur~Brother Primo. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEATRICE!Brickler girls_2087.jpg

Brickler girls_2088.jpg

Brickler girls_2089.jpg

Brickler girls_2090.jpg

Brickler girls_2091.jpg

Brickler girls_2092.jpg
sometimes it hurts when your hair gets pulled by your baby sister!
Brickler girls_2093.jpg

Brickler girls_2094.jpg

Brickler girls_2095.jpg

Brickler girls_2096.jpg

Brickler girls_2097.jpg

Brickler girls_2098.jpg

Brickler girls_2099.jpg

Brickler girls_2100.jpg

Brickler girls_2101.jpg

Brickler girls_2102.jpg
I think it is safe to say she LOVES cake!
Brickler girls_2103.jpg
Elizabeth and Primo have a special bond and it is the sweetest thing to see.
Brickler girls_2104.jpg

Love to you all “W” Family!

Cuteness overload with this crew!

I get so excited to see my clients every year. I get excited to hear what has been happening, what exciting things the kiddos are into or doing, and I get so see them grow up. I wish we could keep them small and remember all of the littleness about them, but since that cant happen; the next best thing is to capture them in photographs. Auggie turned 5 and I told him he can’t get any older. He wasn’t on board to celebrate next year going backwards to 4!:) Love to you “V” Family!Brickler girls_2072.jpg

Brickler girls_2073.jpg

Brickler girls_2074.jpg

Brickler girls_2075.jpg

Brickler girls_2076.jpg

Brickler girls_2077.jpg

Brickler girls_2078.jpg

Brickler girls_2079.jpg

Brickler girls_2080.jpg

Brickler girls_2081.jpg

Brickler girls_2082.jpg

Brickler girls_2083.jpg

Brickler girls_2084.jpg

Brickler girls_2085.jpg

Brickler girls_2086.jpg

One of my favorite Irish families!

I can’t believe these twin babies are 6months old already! Big sister Ruby was such a big help with her brother and sister. Ruby and I got to pick some wild flowers together and you can see them in her pictures below. Brickler girls_2053.jpg

Brickler girls_2054.jpg

Brickler girls_2055.jpg

Brickler girls_2056.jpg

Brickler girls_2057.jpg

Brickler girls_2058.jpg

Brickler girls_2059.jpg

Brickler girls_2060.jpg

Brickler girls_2061.jpg

Brickler girls_2062.jpg

Brickler girls_2063.jpg

Brickler girls_2064.jpg

Brickler girls_2065.jpg

Brickler girls_2066.jpg

Brickler girls_2067.jpg

Brickler girls_2068.jpg

Brickler girls_2069.jpg

Brickler girls_2070.jpg

Brickler girls_2071.jpg

Love to you all Fitzgerald family and see you soon!

Westminster Senior 2018

Sarah was amazing at her senior session! She is so kind, fun, smart and beautiful. I hope you have a wonderful senior year and I wish you all of the best!Brickler girls_2020.jpg

Brickler girls_2021.jpg

Brickler girls_2022.jpg

Brickler girls_2023.jpg

Brickler girls_2024.jpg

Brickler girls_2025.jpg

Brickler girls_2026.jpg

Brickler girls_2027.jpg

Brickler girls_2028.jpg

Brickler girls_2029.jpg

Brickler girls_2030.jpg

Brickler girls_2031.jpg

Brickler girls_2032.jpg

Brickler girls_2033.jpg

Brickler girls_2034.jpg

Brickler girls_2035.jpg

Brickler girls_2036.jpg

Thank you to the most awesome Make-up Artist ~ Carissa Laster. You are so talented and you make my senior sessions special and fun!