Look who turned 6months old!

You can’t look at this little girl and not become happy. Lucy has the best expressions, rolls 🙂 and smiles that are so infectious! Enjoy viewing this little nuggets images.
Brickler girls_1977.jpg

Brickler girls_1978.jpg

Brickler girls_1979.jpg

Brickler girls_1980.jpg

Brickler girls_1981.jpg

Brickler girls_1982.jpg

Brickler girls_1983.jpg
lucy’s selfie shots
Brickler girls_1984.jpg

Brickler girls_1985.jpg

Brickler girls_1986.jpg

Brickler girls_1987.jpg

Brickler girls_1988.jpg

Brickler girls_1989.jpg

Brickler girls_1990.jpg

Brickler girls_1991.jpg

Brickler girls_1992.jpg

Brickler girls_1993.jpg

Brickler girls_1994.jpg

Brickler girls_1995.jpg

Brickler girls_1997.jpg
“Wait our session is over”?
Brickler girls_1996.jpg

Love ya’ll Potter family!

Handsome Will is 6months old!

If anyone can rock a Fedora, it is my buddy, Little Will. We had a great morning at Tower Grove Park and Will was such a ray of sunshine!

“Hi, my name is Will.”

Brickler girls_1976.jpg

Brickler girls_1961.jpg

Brickler girls_1962.jpg

Brickler girls_1963.jpg
many smiles
Brickler girls_1964.jpg
Brickler girls_1965.jpg

Brickler girls_1966.jpg

Brickler girls_1967.jpg

Brickler girls_1968.jpg

Brickler girls_1969.jpg

Brickler girls_1970.jpg

Brickler girls_1971.jpg
Beautiful Mama!
Brickler girls_1972.jpg

Brickler girls_1973.jpg

Brickler girls_1974.jpg
important itty bitty parts:)
Brickler girls_1975.jpg

New Family of 6

Meet the newest little blessing to the H Family. Everything about Baby Alanna is just the sweetest! She also has the best big brothers and sister.

Ba~by (noun)
A little bit of heaven sent down to earth…

Brickler girls_1932.jpg

Brickler girls_1941.jpg

Brickler girls_1942.jpg

Brickler girls_1943.jpg

Brickler girls_1944.jpg

Brickler girls_1945.jpg

Brickler girls_1946.jpg

Brickler girls_1947.jpg

Brickler girls_1948.jpg

Brickler girls_1949.jpg

Brickler girls_1950.jpg

Brickler girls_1951.jpg

Brickler girls_1952.jpg

Brickler girls_1929.jpg

Brickler girls_1930.jpg

Brickler girls_1931.jpg

Brickler girls_1933.jpg

Brickler girls_1934.jpg

Brickler girls_1935.jpg

Brickler girls_1936.jpg

Brickler girls_1937.jpg

Brickler girls_1938.jpg

Brickler girls_1939.jpg

Brickler girls_1940.jpg