Lucas, How did you already turn ONE?

Lucas is ONE! How did this happen so fast? I have been taking pictures of him since he was in his mama’s belly. This is another one of my favorite families. I think I just get attached to them being able to photograph memories, milestones and moments in their life and being in those moments.
Courtney and Ben, I hope to be your family photographer for your future moments. Love you guys! Now, take in all of this cuteness.

Brickler girls_0492.jpg

Brickler girls_0493.jpg

Brickler girls_0494.jpg

Brickler girls_0495.jpg

Brickler girls_0496.jpg

Brickler girls_0497.jpg

Brickler girls_0498.jpg

Daddys love Brickler girls_0499.jpg

Brickler girls_0500.jpg

Brickler girls_0501.jpg

Brickler girls_0502.jpg

Brickler girls_0503.jpg

Brickler girls_0504.jpg

Brickler girls_0505.jpg
Brickler girls_0507.jpg

Brickler girls_0508.jpg

Brickler girls_0509.jpg

Brickler girls_0506.jpg

Happy Birthday Lucas! I have another little time lapse collage coming soon of this little man so stay tuned!

My Loves

I started my photography career because of these two munchkins. I was getting really tired of scheduling a session at the retail studios and then the time you thought was going to work, didn’t any longer because their nap times changed. I decided to just start doing their milestones myself. They were much happier with me and more comfortable. That was until now! These two have become my hardest session of the year. I guess I will chalk it up to the following: Attitudes, being siblings, and hormones. That receipe makes a 20min session turn into 45min with a dash of whining.
Here are a few of my 2 favorite subjects in the world!
Brickler girls_0487.jpg

Brickler girls_0488.jpg

Brickler girls_0489.jpg

Reis and Emery 2014

Auggie and Maevis

Remember this picture?
Brickler girls_0482.jpg

Well, Auggie is much more excited to share his news with you. He has turned the big 2 and he has a new little sister, Maevis that he adores!
Brickler girls_0462.jpg
Brickler girls_0463.jpg

Brickler girls_0464.jpg

Brickler girls_0465.jpg

Brickler girls_0466.jpg

Brickler girls_0468.jpg

Brickler girls_0467.jpg

Brickler girls_0469.jpg

Here she is!
Brickler girls_0470.jpg
Brickler girls_0471.jpg

Brickler girls_0473.jpg

Brickler girls_0474.jpg

Brickler girls_0475.jpg

Brickler girls_0479.jpg

Brickler girls_0480.jpg

Brickler girls_0481.jpg

Auggie loves giving hugs and kisses to his sweet little sis
Brickler girls_0478.jpg
Brickler girls_0476.jpg

Brickler girls_0477.jpg