3 more fabulous families

Here are a few more fabulous families from this fall.

20131110-Genny-4020131110-Genny-4920131110-Genny-5420131110-Genny-5720131110-Genny-6320131110-Genny-8120131110-Genny-9920131110-Genny-10420131110-Genny-14820131110-Genny-16020131110-untitled-320131117-Cheryl L-920131117-Cheryl L-2120131117-Cheryl L-2420131117-Cheryl L-10520131117-Cheryl L-13420131117-Cheryl L-18020131117-Cheryl L-19820131117-Cheryl L-23420131117-Cheryl L-24020131201-Finley round 2-1920131201-Finley round 2-2520131201-Finley round 2-8420131201-Finley round 2-10220131201-Finley round 2-10920131201-Finley round 2-116

I have really enjoyed meeting new families and capturing their kiddos personalities.  Thank you all again for choosing me as your photographer!  Still more to come.

2013 Fall Families

I wanted to share the many families I had the honor of photographing this past fall.  I didn’t share on facebook or my blog because I didn’t want to ruin Christmas cards or gifts.  So here are some of my awesome families!

20131110-Allens in the fall-620131110-Allens in the fall-1220131110-Allens in the fall-2620131110-Allens in the fall-4720131110-Allens in the fall-6520131110-Allens in the fall-7320131110-Allens in the fall-7420131110-Allens in the fall-9220131110-Allens in the fall-9820131110-Allens in the fall-11120131110-Allens in the fall-134

Stay tuned for more….